The Shadowmares are shadow ponies with Shadow Magic.


The Shadowmares are a group of ponies, the three main breeds, Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth Pony, that take up residents in aark location, such as caves or boggs. They originate from the cavern under Canterlot. The ponies are more active at night and have the use of shadow magic. Thus these ponies are feared and looked down upon by others. Shadowmares keep to their own kind mostly. That is until a group of Shadowmares living in a cave system encountered Crosis, the King of the Underground Kingdom. At the time he was sealed away in a giant crystal and became apart of the Shadowmare's lore. Eventually when Rith, Crosis' sister, came and freed him, Crosis welcomed the Shadowmares. He gave this group a purpose of traveling to the surface world, gather technology and supplies as well and help keep the Underground Kingdom a secret.

Some Shadowmares wear a special type of armor that changes their appearance to an aqua florescent blue green. The armor covers the ponies head, including the horn of a Unicorn, neck, back and rib cage. The wings of a Pegasus, legs and hooves are covered as well. The armor makes the wearer slightly taller and thinner than an ordinary pony, giving a more realistic horse like appearance.

The Shadowmare possess unique abilities such as breating under water, moving in a mist like frog or shadow form, and can travel at faster speeds that any ordinary pony. Shadowmares can also briefly teleport short distances even not Unicorn ponies. Within their domain the Shadowmares have set up teleporting platforms that transport the ponies to set destinations such as within their castle, which is located under water, or to the well inside Ponyville or the waterfalls of Canterlot or to the Underground Kingdom.

The Shadowmares are an organization that works in the shadows hence their name. Originally they were known as Dark Ones or Shadow Ponies. Shadowmares work mostly as mercenaries, assassins or spies, until Crosis gave them a more posivite purpose. The Shadowmares don't like working much with others, besides their own kind, mainly because of their wary nature because of their past treatment.

The Shadowmares can be both male or females despite the name, most are made up of the children of the founders, who were mostly female, but the Shadowmares do recruit new members. The test to becoming a Shadowmare however is unknown to outsiders and is difficult to accomplish. During the day, the Shadowmare may take the form of an ordinary pony. Anyone on the streets could be a member. Shadowmares are very careful to keep their identity a secret.


  • Shadowmares are named after a recurring character in the Elder Scroll Games, a horse named Shadowmare who is a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

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