Shayla is a Phantom Pony working for the DeathTone Organization who has a crush on Aniju.

Shayla Shadeheart
Kind Phantom Pony
Sex Female
Occupation DeathTone Member
Eyes Maroon
Mane Black
Coat Grey
Nicknames Aniju's Lesbian Lover
Cutie mark
Heart with magenta flame
Owner Aniju Aura


Shayla is a grey Phantom Pony with jet black hair. She wears a blue-grey outfit with red straps. Her hair flows similar to Princess Celestia, except it's more smoke-like. Shayla is very determine with her prosued of Aniju despite the fact Aniju has showed no interest in her, and even acts a little uncomfortable around Shayla. Although Aniju openly rejects Shayla, she conitues to gain Aniju's affections. Shayla's favorite animal is the raven, and she can even comunicate with them. Like most Phantoms, Shayla is capable of preforming magic despite not being a unicorn. She can control the shadows, walk through unlocked doors and float. Along with her magic, Shayla battles with two twin shadow blades. While in pony form, she tends to use her hair to aid her in battle, but tripping others or snaring their hooves. Shayla can also create fathered wings on her back when she wants to fly.

Shayla's Cutie Mark is a magenta heart, with yellow eyes and mouth and pink smoke coming out of the top similar to a ghost orb.


Shayla doesn't talk much about her past, however she is not from Equestria, but is from a planet call Earph. She encountered Aniju one night in the park and thus started to like her. Shayla joined the DeathTones so she could follow Aniju and try to convert her to their side. So far this has bee unsuccessful. Aniju's boyfriend Dante seems to be a little afraid of Shayla, something that she takes advantage of.


Pictures of Shayla.


  • The idea of Shayla's character existed since 2005, but never was developed till now.

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