Shimmering Rainbown
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Eyes Green
Mane Yellow with Green streaks
Coat Red
Nicknames ShinBown
Relatives Smart Shimmering (Brother)
Cutie mark
Pink only rainbown
Owner User: Bubble-Blitz

Shimmering Rainbown is from Manehattan,and one of happiest of Ponyville.


Shimmering Rainbown is friendly to everyone,she like candy and is really happy,he a bit dumb but learn much things with her brother


Rainbown was born in Manehattan by really two genious ponys,he got her cutie mark when make a rainbown with his horn,when he discovered ponyville,the first thing she do is make rainbowns


Smart have a bit rebel yellow mane with green streaks,she is pink and use blue glasses,he uses a red vest and have green streaks in the tail.


  • She never stop smilling
  • She rarelly open eyes
  • She like pink so much

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