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Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes Turquoise-sh white
Mane Light Vermillion Grey
Coat Vemillionish White
Cutie mark
A pearl and a light blue sparkle

Shoji is a pale unicorn pony. She is very patient and currently lives outside of Canterlot.


Shoji is a very sweet and patient pony, she always tries to make others happy. However, she can be stubborn at times. Shoji has a strong sense of justice and cares deeply about her friends. She loves neat and organized things and the ponies she cares about.


Shoji is a pale vermillion unicorn with a light pink mane and light blue eyes. She has a long mane that is swept over to one side of her head. The very top is styled into a tiny quiff. Her tail is styled the same way. Shoji's magic aura is a darker blue. Her blood is a very pale blue.


  • Shoji means pearl in Japanese


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