Kind Earth
Sex Male
Occupation Agent of the Enmity Organization
Eyes Luminous Vivid Red
Mane Black with Dark Gray streaks
Coat Luminous Vivid Red
Nicknames Pain, The Berserker
Hooves Black
Cutie mark
Crossed Battle Axes
Voice Steven Blum
Owner User:Otherside86
Shrewd is a male Earth pony and an agent of the Enmity Organization.


When Shrewd was created, he was meant to be Sir Sheath mild-mannered brother. But that idea has been discarded, and Shrewd has been reimagined as a thug for the Enmity Organization.


Shrewd is shown to be somewhat quiet, rude, and bad-tempered. He is a part of Enmity's muscle and usually tries to solve things through brute force. He also sometimes works under the command of Riff Wrath.


— To Big McIntosh
"I never did like kids."

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