Silvarrn is a Buttermilk pegasus pony with a Neon coloured mane containing a Turquoise stripe.



There isn't much to Silvarrn, he was pretty much a know-it-all kid, under the belief of his parents that getting a good job from good grades and working in the weather factory was the best life he could aim for. This dream suited him just fine till he came out on his own, independence and socialization made him realize that having fun was the way than having a good life, so he put his talent to good use in helping others pull off tricks and to show off to crowds of people. This caused a gap between what he saw of his life and what his parents saw, so for the best of both he moved out and stayed with friends. After a few months of preparing locations and helping others practice tricks, they began preparation for a trick which, if done right, would entertain thousands; As per Murphy's law, they put a hold on the idea when the wing man fell ill. Bitter and angry from all the preparation that would of gone to waste, Silvarrn went out on his own, adjusted the winds around him and began performing a series of tricks entertaining the crowds around him. His choice of location seemed random to him, but for fate, choosing the street opposite the Wonderbolt training center.

Seven years on and a fully graduated Reservist for the Wonderbolts, Silvarrn enjoys the high life he can get from the title and regularly gets into trouble and barred from performances. For that reason he's rarely seen in the Jumpsuit, and travels around scouting for new talent across Equestria

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