Silver Heart
Silver Heart
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Re-arranger of the Stars.
Eyes Purple
Mane Pale Pink with Pale Red Stripes
Coat White
Nicknames Sil
Relatives Gracedea Flower(Alicorn Mother), Unknown Unicorn Father.
Cutie mark
A teal heart with gold decorations.
Owner User: Mirajane164

Silver Heart is a Unicorn Pony found in Everfree Forest but soon moved to Ponyville.


Silver Heart is born to an alicorn named Gracidea Flower and an Unnamed Unicorn Colt. However, Gracidea was forced to leave the little filly who is taken in by Ponies in Canterlot. When Silver Heart was old enough, she ran away to Everfree Forest and found out her special ability to rearrange stars into new constellations. Since then, she has been secretly creating new constellations.


Silver Heart was rearranging the Swan constellation to make 'Orion the Hunter' when she sensed that a pony was stalking her. Silver Heart kept on rearranging until a rustle was heard from a bush, Silver used her magic to reveal who the pony-stalker was and was revealed to be Twilight Sparkle. Twilight asked her how she rearranged the stars and she replied by saying that it's one of her four special abilities. Since then, Twilight visited her frequently to see her rearranging the stars until Twilight told her that she must move to Ponyville but Silver said no but Twilight kept on begging until she accepts. Despite living in Ponyville, she is sometimes found in Canterlot Castle to rearrange stars.


Silver Heart has a white coat and pale pink mane and tail with pale red stripes. Her cutie mark is a teal heart with gold decorations. As a filly, instead of a long mane it was short and she sports a pink bow.

Silver Heart

Silver Rose as a filly after running away from her foster parents, stargazing.


She is a kind Unicorn Pony and is very friendly. She is always found outside stargazing, hoping to see her mother again.

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