Silver Shield
Note the silver bands on the hind right leg.
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Head of Defenders
Eyes Light Brown
Mane Blue
Coat Light Blue
Relatives Iron Shield (father)
Cutie mark
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"If they carry swords, we shall carry shields.  We shall stop their advances, and let our defense become our attack."

Silver Shield, motivating his troops


Silver Shield is a light blue Pegasus Pony with a blue mane and light brown eyes.  He is the leader of The Defenders, a group created to stop the Equestrian Conspiracy from achieving their goal.  The silver band on his left hind leg lets others know he is a Defender.  His cutie mark is a shield.


Silver Shield grew up in Baltimare and was best friends with Shadow Blade.  The two were at the top of their class, and they did everything together, including sparring, studying, and causing mischief.  One day, Shadow disappeared from Baltimare.  Silver was devastated, and tried to find him to no avail.  He eventually graduated from school (as valedictorian) and decided to leave Baltimare to start a life of his own.  When he passed by the Baltimare mountains, Shadow spotted him and the two friends were reunited.  Shadow tried to get him to join the Equestrian Conspiracy, but Silver tried to convince Shadow that he was going about it the wrong way.  When neither pony got what they wanted, Silver decided to continue on his journey.  Knowing that they would become enemies, the two ponies said their goodbyes.  

He traveled Applelossa and asked the locals to help him and his cause.He was thrilled when many of the ponies wanted to help him.  They traveled to a flat patch of land where they built Dodge City.  He convinced ponies from Ponyville, Las Pegasus, and Baltimare to settle his newly created town.  While he was doing this, he told ponies about Shadow and what would later become the Equestrian Conspiracy, and he conviced them to join in bringing the Conspiracy down.  This group of ponies came to be known as The Defenders.  Silver trained them himself and made sure that they knew all they could so they could stop Shadow and his followers.  The group has its Headquarters in Rambling Rock Ridge, but all of these ponies live in Dodge City.  Silver is waiting for the Conspiracy to make a move before he acts.


Once on a trip to Ponyville, he was amazed as he passed the school and saw June Gloom.  He immediately saw that her optimism and energy had immense potential in The Defenders.  He came up to her after school and explained who he was.  He told her that she could help change the fate of Equestria, which she liked.  He told her all about The Defenders and asked if she would be his personal apprentice, teaching her all there is to know.  After asking her parents, she said yes.  She still lives in Ponyville, but travels to Dodge City every Sunday to learn from Silver.

Skills and Abilities

Silver Shield is at the same combat level as Shadow Blade, which is pretty good.  However, Silver's techniques rely more on defense than offense, as this was the case when the two sparred.

Silver is not as smart as Shadow Blade, but they are relatively close on an intellectual level.  

Silver is also a celebrated leader with the founding of Dodge City and as the head of The Defenders.

Relationships with Other Ponies

Shadow Blade

Though the two of them were once best friends, they are now enemies, as Shadow has become corrupted with hatred and revenge.  Silver can see his corrupted view of Equestria and knew he had to create The Defenders in order to stop him.

Lord Anders

Silver is aware of Anders's plot to take down Equestria as well, but he is less concerned about him.  A small branch of The Defenders is focused on Anders, but Silver does not see it as his duty to stop him and his followers.

Double Cross

Silver believes that Double Cross is spying for the EC; he has no idea she is a spy for Anders.  He also lets her use her scientific mind to solve problems for The Defenders.

June Gloom

June is Silver's personal apprentice, he plans to teach her everything he knows so that she can grow up to be a strong leader like him.  He takes great joy in teaching her, and sees her as the little sister he never had.

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