Skinwalker is the Changeling King and now lives with Crosis in the Underground Kingdom.

Skinwalker SK
King Skinwalker
Kind Changeling
Sex Male
Occupation King of the Changelings
Eyes Neon Green
Mane Dark blue green
Coat Dark Grey
Relatives Butterfly Kisses
Owner Aniju Aura


Skinwalker is a black and green Changeling and stands slight taller than Queen Chrysalis. He is slightly more muscular that most changelings however his feet still have the holes that are the trait mark of a changeling. Skinwalker has a thunder bolt horn and long hair and flowing tail, similar to Celestia's.


At some point prior to the Changeling Take-Over of Canterlot, Skinwalker started to court Queen Chrysalis, being he came from a far off colony of changeling. He had worked his way up the ranks to Commander of the Changeling Royal Gaurd. Skinwalk was left behind at the colony to gaurd the averange Changelings while most of the army and other Captains left with the Queen to invade Canterlot. He eventually became the King of the Changelings soon after the disappearance of the Queen, more than half of the colony, moslt foot soilders, had gone missing. The depleaded colony left with King Skinwalker were forced to flee a group of Changeling hunters known as the Order of Harmony found the hive. King Skinwalker and the remaining half of the colony could no longer wait for the Queen and the rest of the colony to return.

Several changelings were captured by the hunters, and the colony dwindled till Ivory came acorss their plight. With them were a few new changeinglings, well actually they are long lost members. The leaders of Ivory, Aniju and Dante, decided to help the changelings and ultimately freed the captured changelings and brought them back to the Undergroudn Kingdom to live with Crosis. There Skinwalker started to court Crosis and the two eventually became the rulers of the Undegroundkingdom.

After some years, Skinwalker and Crosis have a daughter named Butterfly Kisses.


Pictures of Skinwalker.


  • Skinwalker is named after a mythical humaniod creature which is basically the human version of the changelings that is found in Native American lore.

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