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Sky Star is a male unicorn, in his preteen years. He is a colt, but he is old enough to be a stallion. He is said to have met the Mane Six. He is athletic, but spends many hours in his house reading books and learning spells. He has a crush on Twilight Sparkle , and is good friends Rainbow Dash (Although they argue a lot).


Sky was born in Equestria to a rich family. One day, his parents disappeared, and his uncle, a pegasus, adopted

Sky's Cousin, Snowflake

him. His uncle named him Sky, after himself. He disapproved of Sky's real parents and was afraid that Sky would have been spoiled. Sky became great friends with his cousin, Snowflake, who is a pegasus. He lived there for another seven years until Princess Celestia found interest in his magic skills.


As a young colt, Sky went to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. He easily passed the entry exam, and surprised the judges. His magic was so powerful, that many ponies thought that he would become evil. After three years of attending, Princess Celestia sent Sky to Ponyville to help out the citizens by doing labor. There, he met Rainbow Dash, who Princess Celestia assigned as a tour guide. Rainbow challenged him to a race, and Sky lost, but then Rainbow showed him around the town.


In Ponyville, Sky met Fluttershy, who didn't talk very much. Rainbow told him that Fluttershy was awfully shy, and that it would be better to ignore her. Then, Rainbow lead him to Sweet Apple Acres, where he worked for a while to help Applejack with applebucking. Later in the day, Sky met Rarity while carrying a bag of apples to a shop. He was annoyed by Rarity's sassiness. He later ran into Twilight Sparkle and knocked a pile of library books that she was carrying to the ground. Sky had "love at first sight" and clumsily helped her pick up her books. Twilight told him that she was expecting his arrival and had booked a room at a nearby motel. Sky awkwardly thanked her, and Twilight guided him to the motel. When he entered his room, he was surprised by Pinkie Pie jumping out from under a table. There was a huge cake that had the words "Welcome to Ponyville" carved into it. Sky slammed the door, thinking that there was an intruder in his room. Twilight explained to him that the pony in the room was Pinkie Pie, who was hyperactive most of the time.

Cutie Mark

In Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, Sky Star was an honor student for being one of the most powerful students. One day, Sky learned of a competion between young unicorns to perform the best magic, and the winner would recieve a vacation to anywhere in Equestria.

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