ScootyWolf's oc please "DON'T TOUCH!!"

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Sports and weather
Eyes Emerald green
Mane Blue with Yellow on the ends
Coat Sky Blue
Nicknames Sky
Cutie mark
she doesn't have one
Owner Werepony Scooty


  • she loves in ponyvile
  • she loves animals
  • her favorite princess is Luna
  • she is a weather pony

Interview with Scoot

We asked Skyrider a few questions and here there.

Q: "So Sky why is luna your favorite Princess and not Celestia?" 

A: "Well I think that Celestia is horrible at see her people in trouble, because she didnt notice her sister was sadden by Celestia being the only princess ponies loved because of her sun."

Q: "So did you move to Ponyvile or were you born in Ponyvile?"

A: "Well I was born here actully, My mom lived in Ponyvile and my dad lived in CloudsDale, so you see my dad moved in with my mom and I have lived in Ponyvile eversense I was a fily"

Q: "So um I know this might be hard for you but...who is your father if you don't mind us asking"

A: 'Well um as you know I dont talk about him sense he abanded my mother when I was born and moved on to another women. But no its fine, My father's name was Sky Stormer... he was born in Cloudsdale and he was a soldier in the army when we were fighting against each other, but um he was a exsoldier and he lived on his own till he meet my mother and fell in love. After I was born my dad ran away and I never saw him and my mom hide anything about him from me, till I was 13 then she told me and I promised her I would be here for her and never leave her side ever."

Skyrider's Life

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