Snow Daze

"Good things come to those who wait. Then the good thing must be that there are enough resturants for all these waiters. No, good things come to those who work their flanks off and don't give up." - Snow Daze

Physical Appearance

Snow Daze has pure white fur and a medium-length magenta mane. She has a long equally curly tail and teal eyes. Her cutie mark is an ice-covered heart. She is also an Earth Pony.


Snow Daze is a shy and secretive mare who rarely ever speaks her mind. When she does, however, it's sometimes confusing and weird. She enjoys talking with friends, singing, drawing, writing, running, and sleeping.

She shows the utmost resentment for ponies who don't work, whine, complain about useless things, are rude to her, insult/harm her or the people she cares about.

Snow Daze is fearful of death and other ponies turning against her. That's why she tries to be as nice as possible, although sometimes failing in the process. (AKA scaring them away. But her friends know that she really is trying her best) As in the result of one of her attempts:

"We are friends now, right?" (Snow Daze asked with a wide smile) "Um... yeah, but...." (Amethyst stuttered nervously)"What is it? You do not like me?" (Snow Daze questioned, her smile fading) "No, that's not it! It's just-- you're sort of...." "What?"  "Er...." "C'mon, spit it out!" (Snow Daze said, not noticing her smile turning into a look of suspiscion and resentment) "Um... I gotta go." (Amethyst said nervously, quickly sprinting away) (Snow Daze sighed and looked down wistfully.)

Even though Snow Daze is sort of socially awkward, she could possibly be somepony's best friend.



Frostheart (Mother)


Snowmint (Older Sister)


Juniper, Peach Swirl, Blank Canvas


Cloudstreaker, Adrenaline



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