Kind Dragon
Sex Male
Occupation Member of the Enmity Gang
Eyes Moderate Sea Green
Spikes Light Gold
Scales Brilliant Gamboge with a Pale, Light Grayish Gold underbelly and Light Gold "ears"
Voice Maurice LaMarche
Owner User:Otherside86
Snuff is a dragon member of the Enmity Organization.


Snuff is a dragon hatchling, like Spike. But unlike Spike, he is more acceptive to his dragon heritage, he's a few inches taller than Spike, and he has wings. He is brash and very aggressive with a punk grunge attitude. Snuff abandon his cultures, heard all about Enmity, and decided to join them. He is also good friends with Garble and his gang.

He would often be seen working alongside Xeno.

Snuff can act like a savage beast if he wants to.

Instead of living the regular lifestyles of other dragons, he's been spending time discovering his dragon powers. Already he knows how to shot fireballs, send messages anywhere, and change his size.


Snuff's design was based on Toadjump Reinstool by deviantart user Trotsworth.


"Will you stop saying that?!"
"No, not that. Just that word. Don't say that word."
"'Everypony'. Don't use that word."
"I'm not a pony. In fact, some of us here aren't ponies. That's real offensive."
"Aww...Did Spikey-wikey get an owie-wowie?"
— To Spike

Equestria Girls

In Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds, Snuff is a grey hound-like dog in the Enmity Gang.

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