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Soaring Lightning


Kind Pony and hedgehog hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Weather pony (Part Time)

Apple farmer/bucker (Part time)

Eyes Luminous vivid spring green
Mane Light pink
Very light orange
Very light yellow
Pale green
Pale, light greyish cobalt blue
Pale violet
Coat Brilliant cyan
Very light yellow
Brilliant cobalt blue
Nicknames Soaring Lightning Dash (Full legal name), Soaring, Soar, Lightning.
Relatives Rainbow Dash (Mother)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Biological father)
Big Macintosh (Step father)
Apple Bud (Younger half-sister)

Cutie mark
Two burgundy lightning bolts surrounding a gold star.
Voice Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Owner User:Absolzoey

Soaring Lightning is a shy blue female pegasus pony hybrid. She is the only daughter of Rainbow Dash and Sonic the hedgehog, but she never knew who her father was. Soaring lives in Sweet Apple Achres in Ponyville with her mother Rainbow Dash, step father Big Macintosh and little step sister Apple Bud. Soaring is the best friend of Gemini Sparkle and the love interest of Eclipse.



Soaring is quite a wise pony, who had to grow up fast. She is caring and kind, but doesn't do very well around ponies she doesn't know. She doesn't make a good first impression because of this, and ponies often are not of the nicest towards her because she acts and looks like and outcast.


Soaring has a rather unusual appearance compared to other ponies. She is a pegasus and hedgehog hybrid, with deep blue spines and a ice blue coat. Her mane contains pastel rainbow colours and her tail is that of a hedgehog's with the first 4 colours of the pastel rainbow coming out of the end. She has tan markings around her muzzle and on her chest. Her eyes are the same colour as her biological father's, but lighter.


Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is Soaring's biological mother

Big Macintosh

Big Mac is Soaring's step-father

Apple Bud

Apple Bud is Soaring's step-sister. They have a close friendship.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is Soaring's biological father whom she never knew.


Princess Havoc Sunlight


Gemini Sparkle


Dusky Blue




Harmonic Sparkle




Xethon Skull

Soaring is shown to be jealous and not very keen on Xethon, due to the fact that she is often at Sweet Apple Aches with Apple Bud. Soaring sometimes thinks that Xethon is taking her sister Apple away from her as Soaring and Apple have been spending less and less time with each other since Apple met Xethon.

Dan Smith


Jewel Demon


Prince Aristocrat


Love Bite




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