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Solar Dasher

Solar Dasher (Re-Design)
Solar Dasher

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Artist


Eyes Goldish gray
Mane Moderate Tangelo

Moderate spring green (Streak)

Coat Pale, light grayish azure
Nicknames Sol, Jewel, Little One
Relatives Twinkle Song (Mother)

Ink Feather (Father)

Siblings Pik Note

(Older Brother)

Cutie mark
A paint brush creating an image of a musical note; along with a couple of shimmering stars surrounding it.
Voice Sonic Rain X
Owner Sonic Rain X

Solar Dasher is teenage mare who lives in a hovering cloud house just a little above Ponyville. She has Ridden (British) dialect, and is the one and only Ponysona of Sonic-Rain-X.




Starting off, Solar holds a sweetly coloured, baby blue coat on her pegasus body, from the tip of her hoof to each and every feather. Her mane is cute with thick chops, her fringe landing rather scruffily around her chin, with the rest of her mane resting just a little under her shoulder, and her tail curvy, long. The colour of her hair is a light brown, died with numerous highlights of a pale, sea-foam green. Also a pale shade of green, are Solar's eyes; oval-shaped, and layered with three straight eyelashes. Finally, around her neck, Solar wears a sparkly purple scarf, alongside that, a shimmering blue heart-shaped-mark sits just beside the rear of her right eye.

Cutie Mark

Solar's Cutie Mark features a paint brush creating an image of a musical note; along with a couple of shimmering stars surrounding it. The mark itself represents Solar's love for multiple art mediums, with her special talent connected to that. 



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