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Song Harmony

Song Harmony (New Appearance)
Song's profile art

Kind Unicorn
Human (EG)
Sex Female
Occupation Singer
Eyes Vivid tangelo
Mane Luminous vivid heliotrope with a Luminous vivid opal streak
Coat Very pale violet
Nicknames S (by Rose Beauty)
Harm (by the bullies)
Relatives Music Harmony (sister)
Tune Harmony (sister)
Friends Rose Beauty
Harmonica (frenemy)
Enemies The Bullies
Harmonica (frenemy)
Cutie mark
A black beamed note
Voice User:Elsa of Arandelle
Owner User:Elsa of Arandelle

Song Harmony is the Ponysona of the user, Elsa of Arandelle.

Song has a beautiful and powerful voice, as it is her talent. Before, Song was a rude and demanding pony. She manipulates almost everypony who she met, particularly even the ones who she doesn't know. She still is kind towards her family, but at times is not in the mood. She has realized her mistakes, and works hard to right them.



Song has vivid tangelo eyes, luminous vivid heliotrope with a luminous vivid streak hair, very pale violet coat, and a beamed note cutie mark.



Song is a kind, free-spirited, and fun-loving person. She often helps others around. She has a talent for singing. She is a fan of Countess Coloratura, and thinks that the real Coloratura is better than the one she pretends to be. She doesn't give up on her dream to be a popstar just like Countess Coloratura. And with the help of Rose Beauty, her friend, she thinks she can achieve her dreams, just like how Rose achieved her dream as an Organization Leader.


Formerly, Song was blunt and rude. Always making other ponies like chess pieces. She didn't care for others, as she cares only her self. She mostly manipulates the bullies who always teased her before, taking revenge on them.


Cutie Mark

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