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Sonja ID

Kind Hedgehog/Pegasus Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Hero (her dream, at least), Racer
Eyes Brilliant fuchsia

Moderate sap green

Mane Brilliant rose

Pale, light grayish apple green

Moderate azure

Moderate malachite green

Moderate blue violet

Coat Moderate azure

Pale, light grayish gold

Light arctic blue

Nicknames Sonja Bernadette-Dash Hedgehog (full legal name), Bernie (to make fun of her middle name), Hedgie Pony, Son, Ja
Relatives Light Speed (younger brother),

Blue Lightning (younger sister), Sonic the Hedgehog (father), Rainbow Dash (mother), Bernadette Hedgehog (grandmother), Jules Hedgehog (grandfather), Firefly (grandmother), Rainbow Blaze (grandfather), Dream Cloud (aunt), Manic (uncle), Sonia (aunt)

Cutie mark
Sonja CM

Two blue lightning bolts with a ring on it

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

NOTE: She's in my next gen with MysticArt89 on dA, no one is allowed to edit this page except for her and me.

Sonja is a hedgehog/pegasus hybrid that oldest daughter of Sonic the Hedgehog and Rainbow Dash. She was born in Cloudsdale and lives in Ponyville and Cloudsdale with her family. Her younger siblings are Light Speed and Blue Lightning and her love interest is Moth.

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Sonja is a hedgehog/pegasus hybrid. She is also fairly faster than most ponies, but isn't as fast as her parents. She can spindash like her father, but it makes her dizzy when she does it. Therefore, she's mostly taught by her father to learn his techniques. Her mother, however, doesn't relate to her well.


Sonja has developed as loyal and arrogant like her parents. She's also cautious about her appearance since she's a hybrid. Since she can't swim, she's afraid of water, like her father. She's also really good at making friends.




When Rainbow Dash married Sonic, she discovered she was pregnant with their child. Thinking of how to take care of her child, she approached Sonic saying that he's going to be a father.

So, they both planned on taking care of the child when it's born. However, her friends started to disagree on RD caring for the child and suggested an abortion, mainly because Sonic is from a different place (Mobius) Rainbow Dash strongly didn't want that to happen, so she decided to keep it a secret to other ponies, especially Mayor Mare, the Wonderbolts, and even Princess Celestia (usually by making excuses, like that she had a virus).

Nine months later, Sonja was born, named after Sonic, mainly because she looks more like her father. Later, Rainbow Dash's friends warmed up to her and she became friends with their fillies.

When she was 6 years old, Rainbow Dash had to quit being a wonderbolt since she didn't spend enough time with her child. Developing a relationship with RD a little.




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