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Sour Apple

Earth Pony

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Sweet Apple Acres Quality Control
Eyes Luminous vivid sap green
Mane Pale, light grayish gold
Coat Moderate red
Relatives Applejack (mother)
Caramel (father)
Apple Gem (younger sister)
Big Mcintosh (uncle)
Sugar Belle (aunt)
Apple Bloom (aunt)
Tender Taps (uncle)
Apple Serenade (cousin)
Granny Smith (great-grandmother)
Cutie mark
Voice Caitlin Glass
Owner Skittles91k


Birth and Early Life

Sour Apple was named for her dark red fur and bright green eyes, but ended up living up to her name. She was a snappy child, and refused to make any friends which worried her parents. Oddly enough, it was Sugar Pie who got her to open up to other ponies and become their friend. Her attitude seemed to change after meeting Cloudburst and the others, but she was still very closed off and bitter to other ponies. She often claims that she has enough friends and doesn't need any more than what she has.

Sour Apple is a very dedicated worker on the farm, and proved to have a very keen eye after a late harvest. Applejack was getting ready to sell a crate of apples but Sour Apple stopped her, despite her mother and father yelling Sour Apple tore the crate open and pulled a down a slightly rotten apple. Her parents were amazed that she was able to pick it out of all the apples. Sour Apple said it just came to her naturally, but the action earned Sour Apple her Cutie Mark, she now works quality control for all apple sales.

in A Touch of Gold

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in Sirens and Shadows

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Sour Apple often lives up to her name as she can be extremely bitter and negative. She can also be rather snappy and will yell at any pony who crosses her the wrong way. However, Sour Apple shows great love and gratitude towards the friends she does have, and feels lucky that they put up with her bitter attitude.

Sour Apple represents the Element of Tolerance, not only for her ability to tolerate almost any pony, but for the fact that her friends tolerate her negative attitude.


Coming soon


  • Sour Apple gets most of her physical traits from her uncle

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