Space Jumper
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Pale Rose (right)
Luminous Vivid Spring Bud (left)
Mane Light Brilliant Cyan with a White streak
Coat Light Cyanish Gray
Magic aura Half Luminous Vivid Sap Green and Half Light Brilliant Rose
Eyeshadow Brilliant Cyan
Cutie mark
Voice Tiya Sircar
Owner User:Otherside86

Space Jumper is a talented unicorn mare for the Equestria Girls franchise.

Space Jumper has a talent and expertise in portal magic and interdimensional travel. She has the ability to create portals to other worlds, including the Equestria Girls universe. But unlike Star Swirl the Bearded's mirror portal, she can enter that world along with her unicorn magic while in human form. She's been smuggling Equestrian magic into the human world to the counterpart of notable villains from Equestria.

She partners herself with her human counterpart.


Space Jumper's madness begins when she discovered her talent as a filly, when she created a portal to the gap between time and space. As she stands and stares into the multiple dimensions, where she starts to go mad. She was then sent to the School for Gifted Unicorns to get a better understanding of her magic.


Space Jumper is a foul-mouth sociopath. She knows everyone has flaws, and mocks them for having them. She's a cunning strategist who fiddles with the minds of everyone around her.

Due to her madness; she set out on her goal to disrupt the balance between the worlds, pushing the boundaries of dimension, and be sure every universe shares the same qualities.

Space Jumper is known for being eccentric, hiding her sadistic nature under a cheerful, carefree attitude.


Sunset Shimmer

Space Jumper is obsessed with Sunset, for the two are very much alike. She delivers magical abilities that the counterpart of Equestria's major villains to let Sunset and her friends experience the major events their pony counterparts went through. Space Jumper is striving to bring back Sunset's inner demon, believing that to be the "real her".


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