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Specter call by spectercall-d4gizg3
Specter Call speaking to a spirit through it's skull


Specter Call


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

Glowing Skull




Although at first he seems to be quiet and melancholy, Specter is quite excitable though a little erratic. He's used to being alone so he doesn't mind it, but he enjoys the company of others. He isn't shy, but he doesn't talk to many people because he knows many people don't approve of him because of his talent.


Specter never knew his parents, as his earliest memories all centre around a place called "Happy Pony Orphanage". He isn't upset about his lack of parental figures, although sometimes he likes to imagine what they would be like. His life at the orphanage was dull, though not horrible, since the other children didn't like to speak to him much in fear that he'd 'try something spooky' on them. After leaving the orphanage, he found a quiet cave on the outskirts of Evertree Forest where he now lives, although he often makes trips to town to borrow books from the library.

Other Info

Specter's favorite hobbies are reading and writing fiction stories. Whenever he finds a book he loves, or doesn't understand, he channels the spirit of the author to speak with them, and find out more about it.

Specter's talent works by being able to concentrate the spirit of the departed into an inanimate object ( to 'call' the spirit, which is how he got his name ) which he then converses with. He doesn't take his talent too seriously, since he's yet to find a good use for it. He doesn't hide it, although he doesn't have much of a reason to use it around others either.

He likes night, reading, writing, spicy food, thrills, making friends (however rare), watching musical performances, particularly Octavia's, sleeping.

Hates obnoxious ponies, hot weather, sports, being ill (due to the fact that he only leaves his house on rare occasions, he gets sick frequently).

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