Spike's Ancestor,  also known as The Legendary Dragon Knight was a dragon in knight's armor who fought along side many ponies in Equestria long before Princess Celestia and Princess Luna became rules of Equestria. He appeared in spirit at his descendant, Spike who will teach him about being a hero. He scolds him for not breathing fire to burn the timberwolves chasing him. Spike then wakes up as it turned out to be a dream and tells Twilight about it. Twilight then tells Spike that she knows about the Legendary Dragon Knight as well as tells Spike that she named him after him. Twilight reads Spike about the Legendary Dragon Knight and than he became a knight after growing up and helped protect Equestria from many threats, after Celestia and Luna became the rulers of Equestria, they fought along with him. The Dragon Knight died when he fell in a crevasse created by a monster he was fighting. Luna and Celestia did manage to defeat the monster and take the Dragon Knight to safety, but his life was already at it's end. He gives the two princesses some last words telling them to continue protecting Equestria before dying, much to Luna's apparent shock. The two princesses bury him and kept his armor built in their old castle. When Luna became Nightmare Moon, the armor pieces scattered accross the Everfree Forest. Twilight and her friends, along with Spike later found all the armor pieces and rebuilt the armor and set it up at Twilight's house. Spike also hopes to someday become a knight like his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather someday. The Dragon Knight's spirit is shown once again in Spike's dream after Spike blows fire at some timberwolves chasing him, acknowledging that his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson would became a great hero like him someday.


  • Spike's Ancestor is also the G1 Spike. Though when he appears before the current Spike as a spirit, he will appear a lot taller. This is because by the time he became a knight, he had grown up. Twilight Sparkle will even at one point say that she named her Spike after him.
  • The inspiration to Spike's Ancestor comes from the Hero's Spirit from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, who is implied to be Ocarina of Time's incarnation of Link.
  • Some fellow Bronies may have some backlash at Spike's Ancestor as he's been confirmed to be G1 Spike. Though a thing to be noted is that he's presented as a spirit and in a way of "Friendship is Magic" and also that he hardly retains any personality during his onscreen lifetime.
  • Princess Luna in the fanfic "Spike's Ancestor" appears to be more sad about his death that Princess Celestia. Although it's not stated in the story, this could be because Luna looked up to him as either an older brother or even as a crush.
    • What makes the irony even better is that Luna shares her voice actress with Rarity, whom Spike has a crush on.

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