Star Catcher
FANMADE G5 Star Catcher
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Baker
Eyes Golden yellow
Mane Dirty blonde with water blue highlights
Coat Bluish White
Relatives TBA
Cutie mark
150px-HappyStudio Stars2
Owner DiedsenBoy

Star Catcher is a female fanmade Pegasus from Los Pegasus who is based off from the pony of same name from the real-life G3. She's also Hot Rod's love interest.

Background Story

About her

As her name implies, she is fascinated by stars and her biggest dream is to be able to get all the stars in the sky and keep it in her saddlebag. But while she doesn’t manages to, she spends her time preparing delicious star-shaped snacks such as coxinhas (a very popular Brazilian food), nuggets, pizzas, pastries, cookies and so on.

Physical Appearance

Star Catcher is a pegasus with golden yellow eyes, a white coat and a dirty blonde mane/tail with water blue highlights. Her cutie mark, three yellow stars, relates to her obsession by all kinds of stars. Her real-life G3 counterpart had a blue, white and pink mane/tail, blue eyes and a pink heart with glitter as a cutie mark.


She is totally silly, excited, hyperactive, smart, lovable, logical and agradable to everybody around her. Although she sometimes she may annoy ponies with her star-obsession but she can be a true friend when you need her. Like her real-life G3 counterpart, she likes to count the stars and is able to make all kind of wishes come true (despite the fact that no one knows how a Pegasus can do something that just Unicorns can make). She also likes to cook and owns a store in the Los Pegasus downtown.


External links

DiedsenBoy's DeviantArt Profile

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