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"Be careful what you wish for."


Stella, Scarlet Shooter (Alias)





Cutie Mark

Red Shooting Star/Comet


Scarlet Shooter

The current pony under the Scarlet Shooter curse.


Stella is a winged unicorn that can only walk among mortal ponies once a year, when the "Scarlet Shooter" flies into Equestria's orbit. Mythology relates Stella to the pony equivalent of a genie- once being a mortal pony who's current state is a result of a wish she once made. She causes trouble whenever visiting Equestria, and the day of the Shooter's arrival is often regarded with anxiety. It is implied that the Scarlet Shooter is a curse started centuries ago by/with someone from Celestia and Luna's family, but how exactly the curse began or is passed on is not known.


Stella is mischevious with a trickster's sense of humor, using her boredom as justification to toy with the hopes and fears of ponies. She behaves flirtatious and carefree, claiming to look down on friendship- even though the nature of her curse actually makes her quite lonely.

She is surprisingly passionate about the need for hopes and dreams, but has disdain for those who try to take shortcuts. Any pony approaching her with a wish is likely to ultimately get tricked into a worse situation than before. Stella claims that nothing worth having comes easy, and wishing one's dreams into fruitition is "cheap", or a cop-out. Given that Stella was once mortal, it's very likely that she now feels resentful and ashamed for the choice she made, deciding to punish others who make the same mistake. Stella despises her curse, but refuses to pass it on to another... whether this is out of nobility or self-loathing and self-flagelation is left ambiguous.


Stella has the standard abilities of an alicorn, but the main focus of her power revolves around the Scarlet Shooter. With the ability to know fears and desires, Stella can create immersive illusions to taunt or goad ponies into making foolish wishes. She has the ability to grant these wishes, but the magic always cycles around to also make one of the pony's fears come true.

Stella is apparently immortal so long as she is under the curse, and is somehow implied to be the comet itself, with her very being and lifeforce tied to it. When the Shooter leaves Equestria's orbit (after just under a week), Stella has no choice but to leave with it to places unknown. The curse also seems to have changed her appearance, as she bears a striking resemblance to all the Scarlet Shooters previous to her.

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