Stone Backs

The original Stonebacks from G1 My Little Pony, The End of Flutter Valley.

Stonebacks are from G1 My Little Pony. they are a kind of dragon that resemble armadillos with rock-plated armour that Megan Williams befriends.


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Main article: Ponytale

They prefer to move by digging leaving a trench from there path. They are also sensetive to seismic activity. Besides incredible digging powers, another feature of them is that their natual armour is made from actual rock that grows on there skin and it takes quite some force to be able to actually cause damage. Epic Mount is capable of crack them by his hooves alone. While they are considered monsters, they also relate to dragons and thus can have some intelligence to be reasoned with.

It was an earthquake that disturbed a group of stonebacks from their migration and redirected them to Ponyville. Epic Mount fought them off before they could do any serious harm. (This fight was his first meeting with Twilight Sparkle and her friends.)

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