Stormy Daydream
Stormy Daydream
Stormy as GMod pony, created in 3D Pony Maker
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Owner Tomboyish

Stormy Daydream is an male alicorn, who was a semi-popular original character on Tumblr with several appearences in artworks and comics as cameo or guest. He has a Shakespeare coat, broom and olive green mane and tail, malibu eyes, with no cutie mark.

Creation and Tumblr

Stormy Daydream's appearance wasn't changing as much as his personality. At first he was intended as a really nice, "kawaii"-type stallion with a squeaky manner of talking. Some time later Tomboyish realised that there are too much of cute and light-minded characters, so he changed Stormy's inner behavior to a cold-hearted, anxious and hateful stallion with a deep monotone voice. Nevertheless, he appears as that only when he's alone or with his imaginary friend Prince Forevermore. Stormy Daydream appearance is based on Derpy, as well as his personality is based on Rika from Higurashi no naku koro ni and Lucy from Elfen Lied.

Stormy Daydream was very active when he first appeared on Tumblr. He was regularly asking other characters on unpopular pony ask-blogs. As Stormy's popularity in the low-ranked OCs grown, Tomboyish started to draw gifts and requests for gaining attention. In couple of months Tomboyish's Tumblr gained more then 100 followers and he decided to transform his page into the Stormy Daydream's ask blog.

As Stromy Daydream's popularity was slowly growing, he started to recieve several art-gifts and reblogs from couple of popular brony-artists. Tomboyish decided to create a bunch of new ponies as background characters, but they didn't recieve much attention.

In november 2013 ask-blog became inactive and was deleted in march 2014 without any explanations.

In early 2016 Stormy's ask-blog reopened with the same name and adress and got popular very quickly (mainly because every answer was drawn and included asker's character). Stormy had a lot of humours adventures, the most noticable ones involved other original character - Banana Pie. Stormy's dark and rude personality was gone and instead he became funny, caring and short-tempered.

In may 2017 Stormy's ask-blog closed once again. Stormy's creator was blamed of being transphobic and he started to get a lot of threats wich forced him to delete the page. It is not clear that Stormy's creator is truly transphobic, because Stormy himself was genderfluid.

The blog closed with total of 990 followers and existed for a year and a half.

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