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Strawberry slashes


Strawberry Slashes


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

A strawberry cut in half




Strawberry Slashes is a female earth pony. She is brown with a green mane. The pink streaks may be dyed -- no one's ever asked.

She earns her keep as a barber in Ponyville. In addition to basic styling, her shop also offers dyeing. She enjoys and takes pride in her work, but her true passions include topiary, scrimshaw, and painting. Her art is displayed for sale in her shop, but asking where the ivory came from is not recommended.

She lives over the barber shop, but she spends her free time with her boyfriend in Whitetail Wood.


She has a masculine personality and prefers to befriend men. Girls usually make her nervous or upset. She will develop crushes on both genders however. She is very generous to her crushes.


Slashes grew up on a strawberry farm in Ponyville. She keeps most of her past a secret, but the older residents know her as Strawberry Sprinkles. She legally changed her name when she reached adulthood, as she felt that her ambiguous cutie mark, which did not match her given name, brought her family shame. She is not on speaking terms with her family for different reasons.


  • Prime Mover - her boyfriend, an inventor of anal penetration tools.
  • Chop-Chops - a friend
  • Pinkie Pie - her current crush, based on the rumor of a psychotic breakdown

Other Info

She may not be completely stable. She has an unhealthy obsession with knives and sharp, pointy things in general. Most of her hobbies involve sharp tools. In addition, she often has fantasies of murder. She thinks she and Pinkie Pie could be a great team and is constantly trying to "unlock Pinkie's potential".

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