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Sugar Dust
Sugar Dust


Sugar Dust


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Ice Cream


Sugar Dust is an earth pony with a white body and blue, yellow, and pink curls. She has teal-colored eyes and freckles. Her cutie mark is an ice-cream cone with three strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla scoops. Sugar Dust is a very responsible pony. After being abandoned, she was forced to take care of her younger sister Candy Cane. She cares for her sister deeply, and can be a bit frantic and overbearing at times. However, she always means well. Sugar Dust loves schedules, and must follow them at all times. When she is late, or she loses her schedule, bad things happen.


Sugar Dust was born to two ponies who belonged to a traveling circus troupe. Very little is known about her parents. They disappeared shortly after the birth of Sugar Dust’s younger sister, Candy Cane. She performed in the circus when she was very young, but she grew weary of the constant traveling. Wanting a better life for her baby sister, she left the circus and moved to Ponyville. She needed to find a way to support her sister. She got her cutie mark when she discovered her one, true passion: ice-cream. She opened a small ice-cream parlor near her home, and worked long and hard to develop the “perfect flavor.” After winning a local tasting competition, she was able to expand her store. Her parlor, “Sprinkles,” is now one of the most popular ice-cream shops and hang-out spots in Ponyville.

Other Info

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: ice-cream, schedules, productivity, neatness, order

Dislikes: sloppy work, wasting time, practical jokes

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