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Sugar Orange


Sugar Orange





Cutie Mark

2 oranges and 2 sugar cubes



Sugar Orange is a very nice and kind pony. Although he has some fears – unreasonable fears – he always fights against them (most time without success). He loves his parents and would never anger them. He loves oranges over everything. He could eat them all day (well he does nearly everyday). He sometimes is kinda lazy and then he lies on the fields and watches the clouds go by. He often brings his friends oranges and other meals made out of oranges (his cakes are fabulous). He is really shy and so it's hard for him making new friends. When someone wants to speak to him, then they have to do the first step. He'd never go towards unknown people.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: Oranges, Apples, Flowers, small and cute Animals, being lazy, cooking and baking Dislikes: dark and scary places, misbehavior, rudeness, noisy ponies

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