Pony Info







Cutie Mark


Body Colour

Light Purple

Mane Colour

White with purple bands


Sugarcube is a blind pegasus who lives on the edge of canterlot. She lives by herself and doesn't have much connection with other ponies. She is blind but her hearing is too loud so she has her ears down to dampen the sounds coming into her ears. She doesn't have a cutie mark because she can't see what she's doing to find anything special. She is planning to move to Cloudvale because there are less objects up there to fly into.


She is well known round the ponies for when she was a baby. She had the best eyesight in all of Canterlot until she went to keep a promise and stook her hoof in her eye, breaking her sight. Ironically, the promise was that she would never have problems with her eyes.

Other Info

She has one friend, called Minty, who is the one who got her to make the promise. She felt sorry for her so she stayed friends with her since the school years.

Cutie Mark

She hopes one day she will get her cutie mark, even though she is passed her filly years.

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