She's not so good at flying.

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Vigilante
Eyes Light orange
Mane Red
Coat Light Yellow
Nicknames Sun Blossom
Cutie mark
A flower shaped vaguely like a sun.
Owner Sly Joe


Sun Blossom is a bit reckless and can seem aloof at times, but she would be willing to die to protect her family and friends. She can also be a bit obsessive.


Sun Blossom is a pegasus from Ponyville who isn't that good at flying because she never learned. She was raised by a unicorn her entire life and never attended any sort of flight training. She wants to become a hero so that she can protect her mother.

Stories Featuring Her


Anyone is allowed to use her provided that credit is given to Sly Joe Crow on wikia or Really Special on fimfiction.

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