Swift Sprint
Swift Sprint
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Royal Guard

(Previously Trainee)

Eyes Green
Mane Dull Green
Coat Olive
Cutie mark
Winged Foot
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"You brought this upon yourself."

- Swift Sprint, to Sky Strike.


Swift Sprint is an olive Unicorn with a dull green mane and green eyes.  He met Sky Strike in guard training, and quickly realized that he was a potential threat to his success.  He framed Sky for stealing some of the Princess's precious jewels.


Swift Sprint had always been a runner.  From as soon as he could walk, he learned how to run.  He trained continuously and quickly became the fastest in his home city of Van Hoover.  He was noticed by the Canterlot Royal Guard and was offered to be trained, which he accepted.  He found that he needed to constantly prove that he was the best to himself and to the other trainees.  If he did not beat them in a spar, he found a way to remove them from the training program.  Because of his constant neatness, he was able to frame ponies for a lot of things and get away with it.

When he lost to Sky Strike in a public sparring match, he quickly realized that he could be his greatest threat yet.  Swift made sure that Sky would never come back to Canterlot training by framing him for the theft of some of Princess Celestia's jewels.  Sky was sentenced to a prison term, and Swift continued with his training.

Skills and Abilities

Swift Sprint is one of the fastest runners in Equestria.  He has been training since he was a colt.  His fighting style is also very quick.

Swift is also a neat freak.  He needs to control everything around him and make it clean, or he goes crazy.  It is because of this that he is able to get away with framing his rivals.

Relationships with other Ponies

Sky Strike

Swift despises Sky Strike.  He was one of his biggest threats to his reputation.  Swift thinks that he will never see Sky again because of the shame he recieved due to Swift.

Shining Armor

Swift pretends to be Shinig Armor's friend in guard training in order to heighten his reputation.  After he became a Prince and captain of the Royal Guard, Swift has tried to maintain a close relationship.

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