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Tatsu Honoura

Tatsu Honoura

Tatsu Honoura filly

Kind Dragon-pony Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Pale crimson
Mane Light brilliant spring green

Pale, light grayish olive

Coat Light azureish gray
Nicknames Tatsu, Honoura
Relatives Ongakun Huseki (mother)

Quartz Scale (father)

Cutie mark
Tatsu Honoura CM

The symbol of the dragons with flame inside

Owner Rainbow10Dash

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Tatsu Honoura is a dragon pony. She's best friends with Aleta SpiritCrescent HowlCorn FieldFlying Feather, and Plasma Fang.


Although shy, Tatsu Honoura is friendly. She's also socially awkward, so she doesn't fit in that well. However, she's adventurous, athletic, and observent. She's also a night owl.


Tatsu Honoura is a pale light blue dragon pony with long, blueish green and blonde hair, pinkish red eyes, scaly wings, dragon claws, a dragon tail, and a necklace.


She was born in Baltimare near Horseshoe Bay. The week after her birth her father, who was a dragon named Quartz Scale, had to leave for a battle for a few years. Her mother, only being a unicorn called Ongakun Huseki, struggled to take care of her new born dragon-pony hybrid. Once Tatsu Honoura was 5 years old and ready to go to preschool, she noticed something. The other fillies and colts did not like ponies that were different. They even bullied her calling her names and teasing her. Months past and she had enough of it. She decided it was better to hide her differences. Therefore she started on sewing a cape. It took her hours, when at last she was done and added a pearl to tie it all together. Days pass when Tatsu and Ongakun were notified that Quartz Scale had died. At her fathers funeral she was given a letter that he was going to send to her. (Link to letter: [1]) "You're extraordinary...." She thought. That's when Tatsu realized she isn't bad for being different she's great!




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