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Cutie Mark

A pair of orange cowgirl boots, with a teal horseshoe and stitching.


She's related to Bow-Tie through her father, who is Tenderfoot's uncle by blood. She was raised by her father, since her mother passed away (don't get her wrong, she still had a very happy childhood), but she spent alot of time over Bow-Tie's home. She and her cousin spent most of their time day dreaming about getting married, but while Bow-Tie went down the more athletic route, Tenderfoot went down the more domestic route. Once she was old enough, she went to live on her own. She found a nice little abandoned cottage in the middle of a quiet wood and stayed there. She fixed it up on her own, and it turned into her safe haven. As she lived there, she explored the woods and now pretty much knows them like the back of her hoof. Thanks to the deer, that is, they helped her find her way through the forest. She spent alot of time with them that it actually affected the way she holds herself, and walks. She did find her way to a small village of ponies, where she received alot of her accessories. She couldn't find a job there, but she did do a few services to get items in return. She was a frequent visitor of the bath house, for she loved to be clean. She tries to make friends, and everyone's very nice to her, but none get particularly close to her.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: Deer are her favorite animals. She also likes all types of dancing, from hoedown to ballet to tango to krumping (lol). Dessert stuff, bows and ribbons, popcicles, and smooching.

Dislikes: Change, thunderstorms, storms in general.

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