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Cutie Mark

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Showered in darkness and mystery, Texas is a earth pony that plays the role of a silent detective, hiding in the shadows, scanning movements with no words. Often seen wearing a black coat, black mask and sometimes a black fedora, Texas admires puzzles and slowly warms up to other contacts.


Texas moved into a town and settled there with no questions asked. The locals watched from afar suggesting he was a threat but some warmed up to him, greeting the pony but were suddenly pushed back by his soulless stare. Alas, no pony really knows what's behind that mask. Sadness, happyness, rage, it can't be seen. Some even wonder if he's alive. Days pass by and Texas eventually starts to wave at people, showing no emotion but causing other ponies to smile. Everything reverted back to normal, ignoring the fact that Texas does not speak at all but still understands him through his actions and body language.

Other Info

Texas loves the rain and likes outside walks at night. He also shows his emotions through his eyes.

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