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Um.... What exactly are you doing?!?!
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Princess celestia cutie mark'

This is the marking on the lanterns. Which is basically Celestial's cutie mark

In Honor of Princess Celestial Sun

The ponies of the Sun Kingdom have arranged an event to honor the Princess which they love so much. The Princess is very kind to them even though she has a rebelious attitude towards their Queen: Queen Miranda Crimson. This event is done on her birthday.

What Do You Do In this Event?

This event is done at night. Everybody gathers at the town's square, which can be seen from the Princess's window, and they all have yellow lanterns with a sun marked on it. The Princess (from her bedroom) lights the first lantern into the sky when the time reaches to 10:30pm. Then she lifts the lantern into the and wait for the rest of her subjects to do the same. Next, everybody's lanterns (including the Princess's) are up in the air and lighting the night sky. And finally, when the last lantern cannot be seen, everybody celebrates the Princess's birthday.

But in the morning, everybody has to sleep in a bit later than usual since the celebration and festivities start in the night.


  • based on Disney's Rapunzel's 'floating lanterns' event
  • Instead of a tower, Celestial sun takes part in this event because Miranda isn't all that evil (I'm joking she is but she's trying to be nice to her)

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