Logo of The Defenders

"Protection from evil in all forms"

     - Defenders motto


The Defenders was created by Silver Shield shortly after finding out about the Equestrian Conspiracy.  They exist for the sole purpose to ruin the plans of the EC.  Their Headquarters lie in Rambling Rock Ridge and in Dodge City.


When Silver came upon Shadow Blade in the mountains and realized his plan, he knew that he had to do something about it.  He founded Dodge City and immediately started finding followers to join in the fight agains Shadow and the EC.  From Rambling Rock Ridge they have a clear view to the mountains, and much of their spying takes place there.  Most of the population of Dodge City are members of The Defenders, and even the ones who aren't know about it.  These ponies have been trained by Silver to be sharp in body and in mind, similar to the Conspiracy.  They react to the Conspiracy's actions, waiting to ruin their plans.


Every member of The Defenders must wear a pair of silver bands on their right hind leg.  It is to let members meet each other in the open.

Relations with other groups

The Equestrian Conspiracy

The Defenders exist solely to bring down the Conspiracy.  Silver Shield and Shadow Blade, the heads of these two organizations, are also enemies.

The Enmity Organization

There is a small group of Defenders who would like to stop the Enmity as well as the EC, but Silver does not believe that is their purpose.  He claims that if the EC is defeated that their efforts will go to stopping Enmity.

The Seventh Sanctum

Silver also believes that this group is out of his control.  He has no wish to even attempt to control these deranged ponies, and figures that the EC is enough to handle on its own.

The Steed Knights of the Chess Table

The Defenders support this group in defending Equestria.  They believe that they are in charge of the Southern Plains of Equestria while the Knights handle Canterlot more.  Silver deeply respects this group and wants to convince them to help in stopping the EC.

The Rebellion

As Silver does not care to stop the Sanctum, he has no defined opinion of The Rebellion.  Sometimes they can be working together to protect Equestria, other times their actions just add to the chaos in Equestria.

Lord Anders's Pack

Many of The Defenders hold grudges against Anders, but Silver refuses to deal with them until the EC has been defeated.  However, they keep an eye on the Everfree Forest, just in case.

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