The destroyers logo
Nicknames Destroyers (updated name)
Music genre Thrash metal, hard rock and heavy metal
The Destroyers are a rock band located in ponyville and Consist of Vocalist/bassist Zino Xenon, guitarists Ruby Rocks and Lightning Rocks, bassist/pianist Rosie Black and drummer Maxx Powers.

The Mane 6 first discoverd The destroyers when Maxx made friends with Pinkie Pie and they introduced their friends to each other.

The destroyers started out when Ruby and Lightning moved in with Rosie to make her feel better after the tragic loss of her family, however the band didnt exist until Maxx's father left him in Rosie's care. With Rosie on bass/keyboards, Maxx on drums and Ruby n' lightning on guitars the band was finally formed in the late summer of 2010 as a covers band that performed other artists songs.

Finally Zino Xenon joined the lineup in the mid autumn of 2010 while the band was helping him rehabilitate his troubled mind of bad dreams and shocking nightmares from his childhood years. Zino was to be the main vocalist for the band and Bassist for when Rosie was on piano/keyboards.


  • Hard Rock
  • heavy metal
  • thrash metal


The Destroyers EP

  • Find the way- written by R.Rocks, L.Rocks, M.Powers, R.Black and Z.Zenon {type- hard rock/thrash metal}
  • Kickstart My heart (Mötley crüe cover)- written by N.Sixx, Mick Mars, V.Niel and Tommy Lee {Glam metal/heavy metal}
  • green skies (and exploding choco milk)- written by R.Rocks, L.Rocks, M.Powers, R.Black and Z.Zenon {hard rock/metal}
  • Welcome to the jungle (Guns n' Roses cover) - written by W.Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler and Duff Mackagan {Heavy metal/Glam Metal}

Darkness Falls

  • Zombie Blood
  • For whom the bell tolls- (Metallica Cover)
  • No Escape
  • Death awaits
  • Falling over the fire
  • Silent masses
  • Desperation
  • Theatre of Destruction
  • Bloodlust

Live covers

  • Whole lotta Rosie (AC/DC Cover)
  • For whom the bell tolls (Metallica cover)
  • Through the fire and the flames (Dragonforce cover)
  • Angel of Death (Slayer cover)

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