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The Next Generation is a My Little Pony series following the lives of the sons and daughter of the My Little Pony characters. 


Twilight Sparkle and her friends children are starring the slice of life of the Next Generation. Rivalry, friendship, comedy and all.


Main Characters

Princess Axelle

Princess Axelle is the daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, Bold and sparkly, she always what to punch off the limits.

Cider Fantasy

Cider Fantasy is the daughter of Applejack and Flim. Snobbish but caring, she love traveling.

Princess Gloria

The second non-alicorn princess. Daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Prince Blueblood. Shy, quiet and nice, she have a spirit of a great princess.

Rainboom Flash


Candy Pin


  • Starblitz Aurora
  • Annibella
  • Midnight Silver

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