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The ponies are told that a portal in the Shimmering Falls. The portal unites the worlds of Tararus, The Omega Dimension, and Equestria. They are tasked to fix the portal there so the essesnce of the Omega Dimesion (Which is where time is bent just like the Crystal Laybrinth) doesn't "contaminate" each world. When attempt to close the portal, an arm from it grabs K.B. who is then pulled in. The others jump in after her, to find that Zeo is the one who pulled her in. The ponies who are confused, since Zeo died saving Harth, are told that since the dimesion bends time, this is where all souls reside after passing.

Cloud Spark tries to take this as an advantage to find Lightning Shock, her dead brother to bring him home. As she finds and reunites with him, he tells her he can't go home since this is where he suppose to be, soon she realize that Lightning was chained to the dimesion. Cloud Spark attempts to free him, but the dimesion won't allow it. Lightning tells her that he is proud of her and to leave and get home safely. When hearing that, Cloud Spark becomes even more determined to free her brother.

Meanwhile, Cryla is ambushed by her biological-family, who realizes she is a princess. They say that she is worth nothing, that a crown does change her, and that they hate her. Cryla starts crying then is told "You'll never rule a Kingdom, your bitter and terrible, like us." Cryla then stands up saying she will suceed and that her new family treats her with respect. Cryla's family then grabs her and pulls her into the shadows.

K.B.'s mother returns to her, with K.B.'s hopes of her returning, she say that she must stay here. Zeo also meets her.

Feathermay, Moon Dancer, and Harth attempt to find the others in hopes of getting out soon.**

.*The Omega Dimesion is from Winx Club

.*Part two is in Season 5

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