The Spartan Order

The Spartan Order Symbol

"C'mon! We're the Spartan Order! We Protect our Fellow Ponies from Monsters and Ponies!" - Hunter

How the Order Started:

The "Spartan Order" was created about 20 years ago in Vekta (Not Vekta related to the Killzone series) when the whole world of Vekta struggled over an attack of Nuclear Missiles coming from Helghan (It's mostly related to the Killzone series)

Why did the Helghast attacked Vekta?

The Helghast (Ponies who lived in Helghan) attacked the Planet Vekta due to the Helghast's lack of natural resources that they mostly (About 7% of the natural resources on Helghan left) used for their need.

How did the Vektans survived?

Actually there are only around 80,000 (Eighty thousand) ponies left in Vekta which are saved by retreating into the Metro Stations (Sounds familiar to Metro 2033 and Last Light players?) which was broadcasted by the Secretary General Toliv 8 minutes before the Missiles hit Vekta.

Was the Famous Building, Structures, or Arts destoyed with the Nuclear Blast?

Uh heh...... NO - Johnny M. Washington

The Famous Buildings, Structures, and Arts are not destroyed entirely, some just have broken walls or ceilings or doors or scratches on them. Actually the "Nukes" wasn't mean't for destroying EVERYTHING in it's radius, all was used only for killing or destroying organic creatures in a 34 mile radius.

What happened to the animals and cute and peaceful creatures in Vekta?!

Uh.... I got 2 (Two) versions to say this um.... the Not-straight-to-the-answer-and-being-mean way and the Straight-to-the-answer-way


The animals and "cute and peaceful creatures" some um.... "fell asleep" since the war started and most of them became Bad and Evil due to their disturbance eheh.... - Joe Anderson


Masin Ghan: Ugh *tsk*! Let's get to the Point Joe! The Animals and "Cute and FREAKING PEACEFUL ANIMALS"! Ugh! I hate the line! So much! Some of them Freakin' died at the Start of the War! and Most of Them BECAME MUTANTS BECAUSE OF THE RADIATION THAT THE NUKES LEFT! and they want to Eat you until you D- *Mouth gets covered by Johnny* Johnny: Ugh...hehe sorry everypony! continue reading the rest! forget about this guy! - Masin Ghan and Johnny M. Washington.

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