The Test of Leadership
Season 2, Episode 10 + 11
Written by: Lunaflaire
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The Test of Leadership is the two part season finale in the second season of The Elements Within.


Cloud Spark's friends get into a large fight and decided that maybe they shouldn't be friends. The girls return to their lives before meeting each other, losing touch with their element. Cloud Spark must find and reunite the friends before their connection with the Elements Within are gone forever. Cloud Spark reunites the friends, but their elements no longer work, and the girls start to become more discorded. In order to save her friends and the elements, Cloud Spark must sacrfice everything to bring the magic back.


Harth becomes homesick, making her very depressed. While Hazel and Cryla attempts to cheer her up and get in fight on what to do, Harth's mood doesn't change, telling them to go away. Meanwhile, Moon Dancer and K.B. fight about her volume of music and household rules. Eventually the fighting breaks up the ponies with Moon Dancer going back to Trottingham, Harth returning to The Crystal Empire, Hazel moves back in with her mom, Cryla decides to start on a vaction to The Shimmering Falls, and K.B. decides to move in with her adoptive family. While this happens, the 5 start to turn back into their former selves, and their coat colors start to drain.

Cloud Spark realizes that they are losing touch with their elements and attempts to show them their true selves. She shows Moon Dancer one of her books about her friends, making Moon Dancer remember how much she cares about them. She does this with the rest until they are all back and at full health. Unfortunatly they were not intouch with their elements for too long, and they no longer work.

Cloud Spark finds out that she can split up her element to power-up theirs, but it may result in consquences. She does this, but becomes so weak without her element, she passes out. She awakes in a dreamland with Princess Luna and is transformed into The Guardian of Leadership, and the elements within are powered up. 

Cloud Spark is then granted one wish, and wishes for her brother back. Luna grants this, and Lightning Shock returns after dying.


  • This episode marks the first time Lightning Shock makes an actual mortal appears
  • This marks the last episode to take place in Ponyville

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