Theo Grey
Theo in Ponyville
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Recording Engineer,

Producer, Bassist

Eyes Blue
Mane Reddish Brown
Coat Teal
Relatives Tommy Grey (brother)

Hunter Grey (son)

Cutie mark
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"Rock on, little man, rock on."

             - Theo encouraging Hunter.


Theo Grey is a teal-ish unicorn with blue eyes and a reddish-brown mane.  He works in Ponyville's only recording studio, and acts as the producer for both Evil Empire and The Destroyers.  He is also the bassist of Roots of Legend, the father of Hunter Grey, and the younger brother of Tommy Grey.  He represents the rock element of sincerity.


Theo has always lived in Ponyville, and he and his brother Tommy Grey grew up with a passion for music.  His favorite was rock as a young colt, but he has grown to appreciate country, rap, and pop as well.  Once he got his cutie mark, he knew that he would be around music for the rest of his life.  He discovered that with his magic he could find the perfect balances for groups in order to produce the best sound in the studio.  He went to work on making himself a big name in recording and producing groups.  He is happy to be working at the studio.

One day he was approached by a pegasus named Cloud Strider who had heard his bass playing while touring the studio.  He asked Theo if he would be interested in not only being the band's bassist, but on being their producer as well.  He happily accepted, and found that the rock element he represented was sincerity.  This is due to not only the fact that the bass keeps the group grounded, but also relating to his honesty to his band mates and fans alike.

Ever since Theo first saw The Destroyers, he has had a huge crush on Rosie Black.  He has never gotten the nerve to talk to her.

Music Interests

Theo appreciates all types of music, but his favorite is classic rock.  If Equestria had the same music as Earth, his favorite bands would be Aerosmith, AC/DC and The Beatles.

He is happy to play simple bass riffs for the band, but is also capable in creating complex moving parts when the songs require it.


Theo is based off of User:Mynameistheodore83, but does not represent him fully.

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