Thunder Sword
Thunder Sword
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Conspirator, Lunatic
Eyes Green
Mane Light blue
Coat Tan
Cutie mark
Sword with Lightning
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83
 "I'm a certifiable maniac.  Want to see my card?"

              - Thunder Sword, explaining his history


Thunder Sword is a tan Unicorn with blue hair and green eyes, but no pupils.  He took a bite of his own ear in an insane asylum.  He is one of the leaders of the Equestrian Conspiracy, along with Sky Strike and Shadow Blade.  His cutie mark is a sword being struck by lightning.


Thunder Sword was a Unicorn living in Manehatten when he decided to help the city.  He tried to eletrecute the river water so that the ponies may have more energy by drinking it.  He was put in the insane asylum, where his pupils disappeard and he bit part of his ear off.  Due to low security, one night he made an escape.  He ran to the outskirts of Baltimare and found Shadow Blade and Sky Strike living in one of the caves.  Shadow Blade convinced him to join their cause, and he proved to be valuable.  He saw things in a different way and provided a more abstract view.  He is also a skilled magic user, specializing in spells relating to lightning and thunder, and to a lesser extent; earth, wind, water, and fire.  He continues to train Shadow in the use of magic.  Thunder is a fairly intelligent pony, but has a hard time expressing this, resulting in his apparent mental unstability.  Shadow can understand him, however, and is sometimes able to make him speak his mind.  

Skills and Abilities

Thunder is skilled in the magic of the elements, particularly thunder and lightning.  Although decent with a sword, he is not trained well in close-range combat.  He would rather use his magic to eliminate enemies from a distance.

Thunder Sword is a lunatic, due to an inability to speak his mind.  As a result he is always stuttering, says things that don't make sense, and very hyperactive.

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