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Tiger Stripes
Tiger Stripes


Tiger Stripes





Cutie Mark

Pawprint on tiger pattern, ovelaid by crossed shovel and old bone


Pony Plains


Tiger Stripes is A Quagga who lives in the Savannah plains not far from Ponyville. He is kind of reddish-brown, with white stripes on his neck and white legs and tail. He rarely visits Ponyville, preferring the wide open savannah. His cutie mark is a pawprint on a tiger pattern, with a shovel and an old bone.


One of the last Quaggas in existence, he has lived his whole life on the plains, never knowing his parents. Has a small scar over his left eye from a crocodile attack. Spent a small amount of time in the Equestrian Royal Guard, but quit the job because it was forcing him away from the plains. Is now a bit of a hermit, living in a small shack near a watering hole. His best friend is Jungle Leaf.


A little odd, most people who meet him think he belongs in an asylum. He likes being random. Like his friend Spino Sail, he enjoys palaeontology.


Tiger Stripes was first seen on the Zoo Tycoon forum Environ. A member named Acinonyx Jubatus created him.

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