Time Warp
Kind Interdimensional Being (Humanoid/Pony)
Sex Male
Occupation Guide to the bearer of the Equestrian Medallion
Coat Brown
Magic aura Bright Yellow
Owner User:Otherside86
Time Warp is a minor character in Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds. He is faceless being living between the Pony World and the Human World.


The old one human in equestria concept by asemd7-d4ps8z4

The Old One: Human in Equestria Concept by asemd7

Time Warp is based off of Horrid Haze, which was inspired by a picture by asemd7. But Time Warp is given a different design and personality.


When the human Twilight Sparkle discover the Equestrian Medallion, it transported her to a strange new place (it kind of a crossing between the vortex Twilight and Spike go through after going through The Crystal Mirror, and the celestial plane Princess Celestia goes to) where she met a mysterious being named "Time Warp".

His duty is to instruct anyone which the medallion information about their pony counterparts in Equestria, for the medallion is a link between the worlds. He can change from human to pony form on a whim.


Time Warp acts as a neutralist party. He takes no sides in who he's helping or why. His only intention is to guide those with the medallion, like he would either help Twilight or the Apocalypse Brothers.

Despite this, he is very kind, wise, and patience to all his guests.

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