Pony Info
"You jelly 'cause I'm stylin' on you."







Cutie Mark

Cog w/ Interlocking Wrench

Special Talent

Engineering, esp. Robotics


Tinker is a male unicorn with a gray coat and cobalt blue hair. He often wears a black, zip-up, high-collared jacket, and his cutie mark is a cobalt blue cog with an interlocking wrench. He's an intelligent and realistic pony who, despite his calm disposition, often struggles with irritability. He absolutely loves technology, and has converted a large portion of his home into a workshop. He is especially interested in robotics. As per the norm, his unicorn magic complements his special talent, engineering, and he uses his horn as a building tool (e.g., telekinesis, welding, soldering).

Note from the Creator

My character was not influenced by and has no relation to Purple Tinker, a character that can be found elsewhere on this wiki. I was not aware of the character's existence until after I had created Tinker. I just want to be clear.

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