Kind Pegasus
Winter Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Associate Leader of the Winter Army
Eyes Light cobalt bluish gray
Mane Grayish cobalt blue
Coat Pale, light grayish arctic blue
Nicknames Toa
Cutie mark
A crystal blue diamond
Owner User:Astralfleur

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 Toa is the associate leader of the Winter Wonderland army. Unlike other ponies, she is born without a tail. She doesn't have dark stripes but she has grayish mane instead. Princess Snowfrost considered her as a 'Special' Winter pony because she is different from others. She holds the element of braveness.


Her eyes look kindly, but in her traits, no. She is brave and courageous, like Crystal Snow. She and Crystal have been best friends for a long time.

Toa isn't like Fluttershy. Being shy isn't her center, being social or brave is her center. So many ponies befriended her. 


(To be filled)


Princess Snowfrost

She respects the princess. And she guards her everytime.


She is first pony that she met. She always guards her and shows her braveness.


(To be filled)


  • Toa means Winter Love.

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