Trevor Flame
Trevor in Ponyville
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Factory worker (formerly),


Eyes Light Blue
Mane Red
Coat Orange
Cutie mark
Snare Drum
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"You don't wanna mess with me, man.  I'm small, but I'm a fighter."

                - Trevor when threatened


Trevor is an Orange Pegasus with a red mane and light blue eyes.  He worked in the thundercloud department of the weather factory in Cloudsdale before meeting Cloud Strider.  He now is the drummer of Roots of Legend.  He represents the rock element of freedom.


Trevor had lived his entire life in Cloudsdale under someone else's rules, be it his parents', his teacher's, or his boss's.  He discovered a love for music young, but was forced into working in the weather factory as his father did.  He chose to work with thunderclouds because he liked their "percussiveness".  One exeptionally boring day, Trevor was met by a white Pegasus named Cloud Strider.  He offered him a chance to escape his mundane lifestyle to be a professional drummer.  Trevor was skeptical that this was a trick, but he accepted when he found that it was not.  His first jam session with the band was a new experience for him, and he found that he loved it.  He also discovered that he represented the rock element of freedom for his fiery and rebellious personality, as well as his intense drumming.

Music Interests

Trevor likes mostly rock, but is a surprising fan of Electronic music for the complex beats that back it.  If Equestria had the same music as Earth, he would enjoy Rush, The Beatles, and Metallica.


Between the members of his band, he is the youngest.

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