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Christian "Sharptooth" Heagy


Turntable is a large purple earth pony with a short, brown, messy tail and a messy mane to match. He's often seen out on the town with a pair of grey goggles, with red lenses, around his neck. He will only wear the goggles when he's on stage, they help cover up the stage fright given off by his eyes. Also, his eyes never open the whole way unless he's surprised, often giving a squinting, careless stare. Turntable is another know DJ in Ponyville, but not as popular as Vinyl Scratch. Turntable is very quiet and is rarely seen outside of his home, about a mile from Sweet Apple Acres. When he's not alone, mixing records, he can be found hanging out with Big Mac at Sweet Apple Acres.


Turntable is quiet and rarely speaks unless spoken to or if he's behind the mic. Turntable comes at things in a calm, cool-headed manor, often seeming like a relative to Big Mac. When he speaks, it is often with a simple explanation, his "Yes"s always replaced by "Sure." Turntable never has any struggle speaking unless he's around Vinyl Scratch, his secret crush.

Turntable V2

Visor edition


Big Macintosh

Turntable and Big Mac share a brotherly bond. When they are together, it is often on the farm, simply sitting around exchanging "Eeyup", with "Sure", on each topic they talk about. Turntable and Big Mac trust each other enough to talk about girls and who they like. When they see the other with someone they like, the other will often snicker.

Vinyl Scratch

Even though she is the rival DJ, Turntable has taken a liking to her. Often when she's around, Turntable will fumble with words and tagging "if it's ok with you." whenever he speaks to her. He often tries to ask her out but is either cut off by something or because he chickens out.

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