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Twinkletail is still a bit young, but her magical powers have been developing nicely. Originally made fun of by some of her peers for her unusually-colored tail, she eventually used the power of friendship to convince them that being different from other ponies wasn't a bad thing. Twinkletail's original name was Starlight Haze, but she opted to change it to Twinkletail in order to embrace her peculiar tail coloring.


History about the pony.

Other Info

Twinkletail tries her hardest to make friends with everyone, but can sometime be a little odd, which occasionally puts off other ponies before they get to know her. She is not quite as skilled at magic as Twilight Sparkle, but her abilities are always improving. Twinkletail's cutie mark represents what has become her signature magical ability; star manipulation. Twinkletail is in charge of decorating the night sky's stars, and she takes much pride in other ponies' delight at the various constellations she creates.

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